Finding Isabella

By Michael R Jones

The beautiful wife of Lucas Glass goes missing in Paris. The story is set around his attempts to find her and what stands in his way …

Lucas Glass is a computer engineer. His speciality, among other things, is creating strategic simulation programmes. His company, Glass Endeavours, is engaged by the Ministry of Defence to design a simulation that will enable his country’s covert entry into ‘hostile’ territory to carry out intelligence operations.  

He likes his work.

He’s married to a beautiful woman – Isabella, or Bella. Bella is an archaeologist who, on a fateful November day, goes missing in Paris.

The French police woman helping Lucas and the guy at the British Embassy blame his current project for Bella’s disappearance. And to cap it all Bella’s boss, Professor Baker, can’t be reached.

A strange turn of events steer Lucas towards finding his wife. But before he can make headway the British Government put him on a plane back home and place him under house arrest.

A home-help, deployed by the government, arrives at his home but she’s not who she claims to be and suddenly Lucas is launched into more chaos.’

Copyright © Michael R Jones 2015

*Cover Art