Relative Justice Parts One and Two

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‘Her parents were murdered. Her brother has gone. But she will have closure no matter the cost.’

Her mother was murdered. Her father nine years later.

Are their deaths connected?

It’s a question that has haunted Rosie Macintyre for twelve years.

When Benjamin Graves is convicted of her father’s murder she should be relieved, but instead, Rosie finds herself alone in disbelieving the crime lord’s confessions of guilt and convinced that the shooting of her father is linked to the unsolved murder of her mother, twelve years previously.

Her quest to find the truth is further hindered by her enigmatic ex-shrink being back in her life.

Meanwhile, the squad’s long-serving DS is replaced by a man who is much more than he appears to be.

Payback (RJ2 110 x 162)

‘They stole a year of his life. She helps him to rediscover himself.’

The story picks up where Commander Robert Peters has left for Navy intelligence: Base one.

Rosie Macintyre is trying to come to terms with her loss, but refusing to let it go and determined to find him.

In steps Lily Everett, the only person who can help her.

Copyright © 2016 Michael R Jones


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