Case Histories (Book one of the Jackson Brodie Series)

By Kate Atkinson

I confess, I’ve fallen for this author. I love the way she writes – everything about it: the style, the language …

Anyway, I’m working my way through the Jackson Brodie series – spacing them out because I really don’t want to come to the end!

Right, now for the review (for what it’s worth).

This is unlike any other crime fiction novel I’ve ever read …

After considering the above thought, I wondered about when the idea that a crime novel should be written in a particular way, and more to the point, how it had become my mantra; who had planted that seed in my head? Was it to do with the fact that the much loved and adopted formula (by so many crime writers) for writing this kind of story was a winning one? Probably, and who would want to stray from the success of it? I came to the conclusion that it was no one other than myself, who had taken to heart that every crime novel I’d ever read was the way to do it, and made this my ideal way – the only way – to write crime.

Well, not any more. The fact I sat and read this book, aware it didn’t follow the norm, but also under no illusion that it was damned fine writing, and was completely hooked.

There’s no question Ms Atkinson can write and tell a good story, but I want to thank her for helping me to think outside the box (and someone else, who shall remain nameless, for pointing me in her direction).

It’s never too late to wake up and smell the roses.

Case Histories

The next installment is One Good Turn, which I also devoured – hardly taking a breath (well …).

Book three:  When Will There Be Good News awaits …



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