The Casual Vacancy

By J K Rowling

I’ve never read any of the Harry Potter books, which probably sounds odd to those who’ve buried themselves in the series. If I hadn’t stumbled across The Casual Vacancy in a charity shop I’d probably never have read that either. But JK Rowling is legend, right? I may not have read HP but I watched all the films and enjoyed them. And I’d heard a lot about this book, so, I bought it and started reading it and couldn’t put it down.

The Casual Vacancy is a wonderful study of human beings and the society we live in. It conjures many emotions: amusement, sadness, distaste, shock, horror … the list goes on. I never thought reading about a fictional town and its inhabitants would stir me as much as this book.

JK Rowling is an excellent writer and great storyteller.

The Casual Vacancy.


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