The NaNoWriMo Experience

December 3rd and I’m suffering a little from burnout – though I had promised to take December off and relax (ha!) which is probably just as well. I’m justifying my tardiness¬†by researching for my new book that began life with NaNoWriMo – and I have flu <- this could be a symptom of word count overload, but that might be pushing it, even for me ūüėÄ

So, what did I learn from my NaNo experience? Quite a lot about myself:

  • I spend too much time thinking about getting up.
  • Then too much time drinking tea and musing over how much time I’m spending drinking tea.
  • Perusing online newspapers on Twitter (which is allowed¬†and won’t stop) but takes up too much time and is now part of my¬†tea break.

NaNo highlighted my daily routine and in essence helped me to adapt and become more efficient. So as from January – don’t forget, I’m taking December off ūüėČ

  • Up earlier.
  • One cup of tea while perusing Twitter.
  • Start writing.
  • Ten minute tea break.
  • Aim for 2k words before lunch.

We’ll see …

The advice: ‘not to read back over what you’ve written and continue on regardless and edit later’ – is¬†okay in theory, but having been used to reading back what I’d written the day before, to get¬†myself back into the story, I found this advice¬†difficult to adopt. I tried to comply by writing notes at the end of¬†each day, but my handwriting is terrible¬†and¬†didn’t really work/help. In the end I allowed myself ten minutes to read over,¬†which on the days pre-NaNo would take me a few hours (interspersed with visits to Twitter and other social media sites).

What NaNo¬†did show me was, with discipline, how well I can apply myself when there’s a deadline. On average, I was managing 2k daily and with that in mind my deadline for the first draft of my new book will be¬†the end of February.

We’ll see …

I do have to say, though, NaNo is certainly an experience and one I’ll be going through again next year – see you there? ūüėÄ

Apparently, Lincoln’s¬†Christmas market starts today.


Happy Christmas, everybody.


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