End Of An Era

I confess to experiencing a stab of nostalgia when I heard Authonomy was closing its doors forever at the end of September 2015. I first joined back in 2010 and, like many there, had a few incarnations – only one at a time, mind – well, there may have been a short overlap 🙂

I started out as St John, then morphed into MickeyBlueEyes, and when I got fed up with him I regenerated as Michael Jones – funny that 😀

Despite Authonomy’s ups and downs, in terms of site functionality, I met a lot of nice people there and received some great feedback for my novel in progress – Macintyre, as was then. It’s now entitled: Relative Justice (Part One)  and can be read here on my website. I’m currently involved with writing the sequel: Payback (Relative Justice Part Two) but not for much longer *he says hopefully*.

I also wrote a romantic comedy: In Too Deep aka: Hit The Ground Running, which got some brilliant feedback from Authonomy members. It too is available to read on my website.

My time spent on Authonomy certainly wasn’t wasted. It improved my writing no end – following the tips and advice of more experienced writers helped me to hone my craft and, I like to think, make it better (course that’s a matter of opinion, obviously 🙂 ).

Ah well, ‘nothing ever lasts forever’ so they say and ‘it was fun while it lasted’.



PS: If there are any ex-authonomites reading this and you want to stay in touch – join Scribblers where you can chat with old mates to your heart’s content – enjoy 😉


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