In A Cat’s Eye

By Kevin Bergeron

Excellent story-telling; great voice.

In a Cat's EyeAmazon Description:

‘Curious Incident’ meets ‘Catcher in the Rye’ in this crime-noir debut.

The police said Nancy OD’d and she was a tramp. But she wasn’t; she was my friend. I didn’t see her Virgin Mary statue in her room, and I said some guy killed her and took it. Mr. Winkley was in the hallway meowing. The Colonel knew all about crimes. He said, Okay Willy we’ll conduct an investigation… There were a lot of suspects in that hotel.

When a young woman in her locked room is found dead with junk in her veins, three friends follow a twisted trail of clues through the Morpheum – a seedy, crumbling hotel, home to the lost, the forgotten, the dreamers, and a killer.


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