Tooth And Nail

By Ian Rankin

Have been promising myself to read the full set of ‘Rebus’ books by Ian Rankin and I’ve just finished the third in the series.

Rankin is a master of crime fiction. Good snappy writing, well paced and inventive. The story and plot lines are simple yet not easily worked out, which makes them ‘unputdownable’. I read non-stop, intent on getting to the end of Tooth And Nail (originally entitled: Wolfman). And what an ending.  Both suspenseful and witty. I was literally laughing out loud while at the same time biting my nails.

As a writer of crime fiction, I’m learning a lot from reading Rankin’s books. From the first book: ‘Knots And Crosses’,  it’s interesting to see how Rankin’s writing improves with each book. Extraneous narrative has been cut, leaving the reader with the bare bones of thriller writing.

‘Tooth And Nail’ is set in London. Rebus is requested to join the murder team in London to help catch the serial killer known as ‘Wolfman’.

Here’s the book description:

“Because the first body was found in Wolf Street, because the murderer takes a bite from each body, the press have found a new terror, the Wolfman…

Drafted down to the Big Smoke thanks to his expertise in the modus operandi of serial killers, Inspector John Rebus is on a train south from Edinburgh. His Scotland Yard opposite number, George Flight, isn’t too happy at yet more interference. It’s bad enough having several Chief Inspectors on your back without being hounded at every turn by an upstart Jock. Rebus is going to have to deal with racial prejudice as well as the predations of a violent maniac. When he’s offered a serial killer profile of the Wolfman by an attractive lady psychologist, it’s too good an opportunity to turn down. But in finding an ally, he may have given his enemies an easy means of attack.”

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‘Strip Jack’ next. Can’t wait!


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