A Christmas Ghost Story

It wouldn’t be Christmas without an eerie ‘Ghost Story’. Here’s a Guardian Christmas ghost story:

Stairs by Penelope Lively


Illustration by Pietari Posti. PR

And a taster:

Here we go, she thought: “Ripe for renovation.” Of course. Another one.

Tim was turning off the main road, responding to the satnav. They left the traffic, forged through a mesh of suburban streets, arrived at the heart of what had once been a rural village, now digested by later development. Row of old cottages, a pub, the church.

“Should be just along here,” he said.

“An irresistible wreck?”

He laughed. Patted her knee. “Trust me.”

“No way. Medieval barn, is it?”

“If only. Thirties, I think. Ah – must be this.”

He pulled up. They studied the house. Undistinguished. Plain, thought Laura. Basic house. Bit like a child’s drawing: front door, window each side, three above. And yes, crack in the brickwork, roof tiles missing, window-frames haven’t seen a splash of paint in years. Right up Tim’s street.”


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