The DCI Jones Casebook: Ellis Flynn

By Kerry J Donovan

I enjoyed this police procedural. Nice tight writing and good handling of a very sensitive subject. I found this author on Authonomy when it was a bustling writers’ site (happy daze) and look forward to reading more of his work.

Amazon description:

‘An empathetic detective and his Swedish-born colleague hunt for the abductors of a teenage schoolgirl—a police procedural set in England and France.

When their daughter fails to return from school, her parents are terrified. Is she a runaway, or the victim of something more sinister?

Veteran Detective, David Jones, head of the Midlands Police, is tasked to find her. His team soon discovers a link to convicted sex-offender, Ellis Flynn, whom Jones suspects of grooming the naive teenager. A difficult case is made more personal when Jones sees a photo of the missing girl, Hollie Jardine. She is the spitting image of his God-daughter! Jones has difficulty separating the two in his mind.

With Hollie’s chances of survival fading, Jones and his Swedish-born colleague Alexandra Olganski, risk their careers and their lives when they ignore protocol to follow Flynn’s trail across the Channel into France.

What they discover in an idyllic backwater will stretch Jones’ detection skills to the limit.

Ultimately, Jones faces an impossible decision – give himself up or the girl dies — do nothing and the girl dies.’


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