The Jodan Ju

Found this book on Authonomy, started reading and got swallowed up. Excellent research throughout, from an author who certainly knows his stuff and how to keep the reader reading. I highly recommend it.


Amazon Description:

‘David Turner, geologist and SAS Vietnam veteran, discovers a covert mine deep in outback Australia. Not the legitimate operation of Japanese conglomerate Tanada Industries at all – strange Asians are extracting and enriching high-grade uranium. The mine boss is a tall young Eurasian, Jimmy Shan – polite, ruthless…and a lieutenant of the Japanese Mafia, the Yakuza.

Pursuit by Australian Intelligence, with Turner and physicist Leonard Lee, leads to Japan and the influential Tanada family. The subsequent ritual suicide of the patriarch and his son unveils the sordid blackmail behind the affair and links to events of the 1930’s…a violent generational clash as the old world of the Samurai was swept aside.

The Intelligence agencies accede the lead to Oishi Okimura; supreme martial artist, cop and avowed enemy of the Yakuza. Only he can penetrate the top echelons of the crime families – powerful men cowed in fear of a sinister force now controlling the Golden Triangle drug trade.

Israel’s Mossad, pursuing missing Arab and Russian nuclear scientists, joins the hunt into the steamy highlands of Burma and the jungle village of fugitive WW2 war criminal Shiro Mitani. Their ominous findings initiate a man and weapon hunt across the US and Japan. Mitani and Shan’s motives seem clear – revenge and retribution. Not so – Shan has a very personal agenda with the current President of the United States.’


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