The Misunderstood Prologue

Prologues are given a hard time in the literary business. I don’t see the problem myself, or what all the fuss is about. It might be because my latest work in progress has one.

Biased? Maybe.

I have to admit, I get a little sad when I see someone refusing to read a book because it has a prologue.

Are they being judgemental? Perhaps. I would call it more ‘depriving oneself’. They might enjoy the book. The fact it has a prologue is like them ‘cutting of ‘their’ nose to spite ‘their’ face’.

Yeah, I like clichés too. 😀

I never shun a book that has an introduction, preface, or prologue. To do that, I think, shows conceit, or reveals a concept that is outdated.

I’m not about to launch into a long discourse about why I like prologues. The honest truth is, I’m not that bothered by them. If its integral to the story, why not? But, I wouldn’t refuse to read the book because of it. The writing, storyline and voice, are the things I look for in a book. The only time I wouldn’t continue to read, would be if the story didn’t engage me.

‘Never judge a book by its cover’ could also be extended to its prologue.

However, I’m not one to judge … 😀


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