Letting Go

Photograph by Anthony Molaro

Photograph by Anthony Molaro

Why is it so hard to let go?

I’ve thought about this a great deal in the last couple of years and come to the conclusion it’s all about attachment.

There’s a lot written out there, by gurus, sages, religious/spiritual men/women, about attachment.

‘Cultivate detachment,’ one esoteric writer says.
‘Easier said than done,’ I say back.

I think it’s about identification. I know I identify with ‘me’ – this person I call ‘me’ – and the things I do/have done in my life to create ‘my’ personality. I’m focussed in the physical being of ‘who’ I am, right now.

‘Become the observer’

I can do that. I can step away and watch the ‘goings on’ around me, but at some point that state dissolves and I’m back in the thick of things again.

‘Meditation helps’

Yeah, okay, maybe, but I still have to stop, open my eyes and re-join the world again. I can’t sit in contemplation 24/7. Or can I? Do I have to be sitting, eyes closed, to meditate? Meditation must take on different forms. When I’m immersed in something say, like writing, I’m focussed. Nothing can bring me out of that focus, except maybe threats to my life, or an insistent other-half. Nothing spiritual in this sense, although she’d disagree and heatedly 😀

Conjuring that state of meditation isn’t tough, we do it all the time. The tough bit is ‘living’ that meditation. Making it ‘who’ we are. Becoming ‘it’.

Maybe all it takes is a slight shift in what we identify with. One thing that’s certain, it doesn’t happen overnight.

So, after all that, it’s still difficult to let go … I guess the best thing to do is ‘go with the flow’ – don’t worry about it. Like my mum always says: ‘It’ll all work out in the end.’





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