Lose Yourself Or …

I was going to write a short piece on the new Hobbit movie The Desolation of Smaug, but I got sidetracked by another film I watched last night – Last Love – starring Michael Caine and Clémence Poésy (of ‘Tunnel’ fame <- if you haven’t watched this, it’s a remake of the Scandinavian crime drama ‘The Bridge’ – both excellent).

Anyway, Last Love is the story of a retired, and widowed, American philosophy professor [living in Paris] and a young [lonely] Parisian woman.

Maybe it’s the time of year, but this film spoke to me more than the other. It’s a thought-provoking story, sad and happy all at once. It appealed to my sense of belonging, my humanity, and conjured thoughts of friends past and family departed. 

Like most people I want to escape the mundanity of life, venture into new worlds and lose myself for a bit. But once in a while something comes along that touches me deeply. Why? Well, I’m still exploring that question. There’s more than one answer, and I’m not sure if that’s how it should be, but I’ll keep pondering and probably come up with a few more.

‘There’s a crack in everything that’s how the light gets in.’

Here’s a trailer for Last Love, I hope it spurs you on to watch it, but if it doesn’t that’s okay 🙂


Oh yeah, and a Happy New Year to you all!




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