Fed-Up? Who me?

I got fed-up with my work in progress, and banished it to my virtual slush-pile. The fact is, if I got fed-up with it then it must surely follow that the reader will too. The realisation is hard to swallow. But there’s no point in lying to myself or pursuing something that doesn’t excite me.

So another half-written story finds its way to the depths of my computer, and leaves me with the thoughts where to now and am I really cut out to be a writer? But it doesn’t matter how much I fill my life with other things to do, there is always the urge to get back to the writing. There isn’t a day goes by that I don’t see, hear, or experience something in which I think that’d make a good story. I write short stories but not very good ones. It’s more about putting thoughts down – but isn’t everything we write an attempt to do that? Maybe it’s a matter of accepting that I am simply a writer and NOT an author.

Novelist Robert Kaplow

Novelist Robert Kaplow

I often ask myself if there is a difference between a writer and an author? I do believe there is. An author writes to get published, a writer writes to fulfill a need. Does that make sense? I’m sure all authors start out that way but once the first book is published then it becomes a job. Pressure mounts to get the next one out and the next one. Writing in that way must surely take away the reason you started writing in the first place.

I’m just throwing ideas around. Justifying why I write and my failure to finish anything. Analysing the why and the failure has brought me to the brink of insanity and it’s not a nice place. Acceptance is the key, I think.

Anyway, I certainly can’t deny my need to write, so the question where to now? is irrelevant. The question, will I ever get published by traditional means? is to be decided but the first priority is finishing something. I also have to ask myself whether publication is paramount. In all honesty, no it isn’t, but like most writers I often think it’d be nice. 🙂




  1. Not finishing something is not a problem. One day you might find the twist that will turn that started story round and into something special. You just haven’t found the twist that will do the trick.
    The best news is that you can recognize that something is not working right and put it aside allowing yourself to try something different.

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