The Dove, The Dragon & The Flame

By LizX

‘In every fairytale there’s a heroine, a bad guy who makes her life a misery and one who comes to her rescue. Tradition dictates them as literary myths of afflicted love where good always triumphs over evil. This story isn’t any old fairytale, but a modern one with a twist. One in which possession is nine tenths of the story.

At forty-something, Brigitte Anders still dreams of happy endings. She lives in the flatlands of the East Anglian Fens, in a village which is built around the grounds of an old monastery. Its a place where the ghosts refuse to lay to rest. Strange and inexplicable things are happening to Brigitte and she undertakes past life regression to help unravel the mysteries which surround her.

For Brigitte, life just keeps getting more confusing and it isn’t until she meets Jack Jamieson, an Irish medium visiting the area for an Holistic fair, she realises she’s being visited by phantoms from the past.

Her ghostly visitors? A displaced pagan princess and her legendary lover who have a story they are determined to tell.

Jack looks all set to be Brigitte’s hero. With him she begins to discover a world she never knew existed. But nobody is perfect and least of all Jack. His obsession with the fifth century historical figure of St Patrick leads Brigitte to discover life with Jack is no fairytale.

Legend has it, Rapunzel let her hair down to escape confinement. Brigitte needs to resort to more drastic measures when she finds herself in a similar situation. Realising she’s only got herself to rely on, she lets loose more than a few flowing locks to escape from the man she thought would be her knight in shining armour.’


If you enjoy paranormal fantasy/romance then this book is for you. Think Marion Zimmer-Bradley and you won’t go far wrong :)

*You can purchase the book here.

*The author also produces a magazine ‘ongrancanaria’. You can browse the May edition here.


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