Learnt A New Word

I learnt a new word today whilst planting some catnip seeds …

Ailurophilia …


Definition: One who loves cats…

A condition that affects  people across the globe.

“As long as there have been humans there have been cats to love them. They have been our protectors and our foes, touted as both Gods and demons throughout history.

From Sylvester, Felix and Garfield, cats have been leaving their mark on our world (and our furniture) for years. They are our best friends and can often train us better than we could ever hope to train them, purring like little engines to reassure us that we have done right by them. And they have no trouble turning tail and letting us know when they think we are misbehaving.” From: The little book of Catnip – Anon … (it came with the seeds :))

I thought the above summed up my feelings about cats. I’ve always loved them and can’t understand how others don’t feel the same way. But we’re all individuals, right? ‘Live and let live’ … a saying that would serve us well if we paid more attention to it!

Lil’un aka Indiana and sometimes Dave!

“There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: Music and Cats.” Albert Schweitzer

“In a cats eye – all things belong to cats” An English Proverb

“One cat just leads to another.” Ernest Hemingway

So go on, treat your cat to some catnip. He’ll love you forever. But then, he probably will anyway 😉



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