Spoilt for Genre

Genre – an interesting word.


  1. A type of class.
  2. a.  kind, category, or sort, esp of literary or artistic work
    b.  (as modifiergenre fiction.
  3. (Fine Arts & Visual Arts / Art Terms) a category of painting in which domestic scenes or incidents from everyday life are depicted.

It’s a concept I never really thought about until I joined Authonomy. Whilst there, I grew from being a fledgling writer to understanding the art, its laws, and the fact that grammar and punctuation are tantamount to telling the story (hang-on, just need to remove my tongue from inside my cheek 🙂

I learnt a lot, got loads of excellent feedback and my writing improved tremendously for it. As with most things in life, the journey towards perfection is ongoing … we never stop learning.

One of the best things about Authonomy (apart from the feedback) is the choice of genre … crime, thriller, fantasy, historical fiction, sci-fi, horror, comedy, romance, erotica (the list goes on) all set down in one place. A writer’s and reader’s paradise. Granted, not every work-in-progress you might click on is going to be the next Ian Rankin, Stephen King or Jane Austen, but that is the point of the site – to improve. There are, however, some very good stories waiting for you to stumble upon.

My point is, I read stuff there, I would never have looked at in a book shop. My horizons were broadened and I found myself enjoying such things as vampire stories, chick-lit, fantasy, young adult, and even children’s books.

There’s a wealth of imagination out there if only we stopped, pondered and gave everything a chance instead of writing it off as another same old, same old ... Give it a try, you can always put it down or delete it. In this digital age of Ebooks it is that simple and there’s a lot of books going free online to whet your appetite. Go here and find some interesting FREE books to read.

And enjoy yourself 😉


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