Michael (Gehenna Book One)

By HW Taft 

(Fiction Thriller Fantasy)

Amazon Description:

Life after death for the damned: redeem, die the second and final death, or slowly turn into a demon—and then you really do belong in hell. 

Michael Thane is running out of time, the change from man to monster is eroding what little humanity he has left. His volatile state of mind isn’t helped when he’s framed for a series of brutal torture-murders so vicious they’re threatening to shatter a two thousand year-old truce between the old quarter and the rest of the city. 

Forced to go on the run, he snatches the one human who knows he’s not the killer, Special Constable Elizabeth Grant. Murder, betrayal and an all-or-nothing hunt through the worst parts of hell are not their only problems. They need to stop Gehenna returning to a true hell of torment, before it’s too late.

EXCERPT “…You’ve been here many years, yes? Long enough, I imagine to realise that Gehenna—the whole plane of existence—is much larger than this one city?” 
“Yeah. I knew that.” Michael shrugged. “I’ve been to a few of the other cities. I don’t recommend Sodom or Gomorrah. To say their sense of fun is a little twisted is an understatement.” 
“I couldn’t agree more, but they’re not the worst.”

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