Silly Mitsakes …

I get very cross with myself when I find silly mistakes in my writing. It’s even more embarrassing when someone else finds them. It was just pointed out to me that I made one of those cringe worthy mistakes in one of my recent posts (I have since corrected it) and I’m very thankful to that person (bar steward) … no, I really am grateful. If it weren’t for people like him I would be making such an arse of myself all over the internet.

Just to share, here are a few of my worst gaffs:

– your instead of your’re (one of my pet hates, when I see it in others‘ writing … is that apostrophe in the right place? Or should it even be there?)

– its instead of it’s.

– it’s instead of its.

– Calvin Clein instead of Klein (ouch! – I’m not into fashion)

And I use the humble comma in abundance and with humility. This is being dealt with via a daily mantra: Cull those curly little bastards.

A swift browse of the internet highlighted the fact that I’m not in the minority. I suppose it’s an occupational hazard. I put it down to imagination overload – got to get the story down come hell or high water. And, if it didn’t happen, there would be no need for proof-readers. So, in essence, we’re doing a lot of people a huge favour.

Okay, I’ve made myself feel better now. I hope I haven’t put any agent or publisher off …

I found this article interesting: twenty common mistakes that (almost) everyone makes.

Right, off to polish my finished manuscript …


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