Comedy in York (and snow!)

A very impressive building indeed. (Sorry about the green van – bloody thing wouldn’t get out of the way – very rude!)

Just spent the weekend in York. A rather grand place full of quaint little shops on cobbled streets. Home to York Minster – a very impressive building, inside and out. My first question is: why is it called a ‘minster’ and not a ‘cathedral’? I thought maybe I was being a bit dim, which is the usual case. Apparently, though, I am not the first person to ask this question 😛

“It’s called a ‘Minster’ because it was a centre from which Christian teaching was carried to the surrounding countryside by travelling preachers and teachers”.

York Minster from the car … stationary at traffic lights, I hasten to add 🙂

Ahh, okay … mind you, I thought this was true of all cathedrals, i.e. being the centre from which Christian teachings were carried out to the surrounding countryside. This brings me to my second question: why aren’t all cathedrals called ‘Minsters’? I couldn’t find an answer on the internet … so, alas, another one of life’s puzzles that will remain unsolved 🙁

Never mind, eh? Life goes on … just.

It was just like this on Friday … Honest!

Of course, I was NOT expecting snow! Yes, SNOW…

Some interesting facts about York Minster can be found here.

I was actually in York to see the comedian Ross Nobel and what an excellent show it was … a very funny man and naturally so. He isn’t called the ‘International man of Comedy’ for nothing.

I like the way Ross interacts with the audience. Most of his show is ‘ad-lib’ with some ‘planned scenes’ manipulated in, between exchanges with the crowd.

I’d certainly go and watch him again.

Ross has just recently finished a horror film entitled ‘Stiches’. Here he is explaining what it’s all about.



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