There is only one sound for editing – arggghhhhh – followed by a zillion exclamation marks, but I won’t put those in ‘cos there won’t be room for anything else. Use your imagination. It’s what us writers do best, after all.

I detest editing. Writing the story is the best part, nay, finishing it is the best part. Boredom can quickly set in, which is why I’m writing this and not using my day-off to edit. Procrastination: the writer’s number one enemy.

Or justification …

I’m going now … yes I am … right now …


*Update: 13/01/2015 ~ since writing this I have changed my mind on the editing process. It has become a massive learning curve and improved my understanding of the essence of writing and how to make every word count. I quite enjoy it now 😀






  1. Nice blog, Mick! Jeez you’ve got a lot of stuff in here. It looks great. Good luck!

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