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Tooth And Nail

By Ian Rankin Have been promising myself to read the full set of 'Rebus' books by Ian Rankin and I've just finished the third in the series. Rankin is a master of crime fiction. Good snappy writing, well paced and inventive. The story and plot lines are simple yet not easily worked out, which makes them 'unputdownable'. I read non-stop, intent on getting to the end of Tooth And Nail (originally entitled: Wolfman). And what an ending.  Both suspenseful and witty. I was literally laughing … [Read More...]

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So, you have a story smouldering inside, but no matter how much you try, you can’t seem to translate it to the page. All the words in the world won’t tell the story how it is in your head. It comes across as old hat, commonplace, and plain boring. No one is pulled in by it. When is it time to call it a day and accept it will never see the light? Is acceptance failure? I think it might be a sign of growing up. Reaching a stage of self-awareness. Self-discovery: a hell of a thing. I’ve … [Read More...]

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The Glass Caves

Saw these guys playing on the streets of York, when I was there a week or so ago. I was very impressed by them. They have an EP out entitled Eboracum ... An unusual title, which I felt needed a bit of research. I'm assuming it's named after a … [Read More...]

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