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Espedair Street

By Iain Banks This is my first book by Iain Banks (RIP), probably won't be my last - no, definitely won't be my last. I wasn't sure I was going to like it, as it's not my usual choice of read, being a huge crime fiction fan. Anyway, what made me pick this one up? Well, for a start I found it in a charity shop. I'd also heard a lot about the author and most of it was good so, I thought, why not. Plus the subject matter was interesting. Daniel Weir: a retired rock star at the age of … [Read More...]

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A Mystery To Me …

I often wonder what it is about a book's blurb that pulls me in. What is it that elicits that first, tentative look? The cover and title grab me first, but what must those words on the back, conjure in my mind? A sense of adventure, maybe? The words definitely have to engage my imagination, or I wouldn't bother reading on. One of my favourite pastimes is to browse the books in charity shops. At the beginning of 2012 I found this book: The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying and it changed my … [Read More...]

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Mumford & Sons

  “We wanted to do something unashamed,” says Ben Lovett. “We’re confident and happy to be where we are as a band — everything that’s happened with us has exceeded expectations, and it’s all been a surprise, it’s all much bigger than what we … [Read More...]

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