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Case Histories (Book one of the Jackson Brodie Series)

By Kate Atkinson I confess, I've fallen for this author. I love the way she writes - everything about it: the style, the language ... Anyway, I'm working my way through the Jackson Brodie series - spacing them out because I really don't want to come to the end! Right, now for the review (for what it's worth). This is unlike any other crime fiction novel I've ever read ... After considering the above thought, I wondered about when the idea that a crime novel should be written in a … [Read More...]

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Crossing The Genre Line

At the moment I’m writing a book that explores two genres, crime, and horror. My protagonist is half-human, half-vampire. He  works as a forensic pathologist with the Metropolitan police. But this isn’t about the book, it’s about bias. I’ve noticed some interesting feedback from people who have read the first few chapters of the story (I won’t call it a book yet because it’s not finished). Here’s one such comment:   ‘Hmmm what an unusual mix of genre. It’s well written but I’m just … [Read More...]

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Sum 41

Sum 41’s career has been filled with highlights that extend well beyond the traditional ‘punk’ band. They’ve collaborated with Iggy Pop, Ludacris, Tommy Lee, Rob Haldford, and Tenacious D, and were invited to tour with heavy metal legends Motley Crue … [Read More...]

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Lord Huron – Fool For Love