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Life After Life

By Kate Atkinson   I came to this book by accident. I first looked at A God In Ruins and liked the feel of it, saw it was linked to this story and decided to read this first. I’ll be honest and say it took me at least fifty pages to actually settle into the book, however, once there I lapped it up. The writing is wonderful, the style engaging. It’s probably the first book I’ve read of this type and certainly the only one I’ve read that makes women knitting sound interesting! I was … [Read More...]

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Learnt A New Word

I learnt a new word today whilst planting some catnip seeds ... Ailurophilia ... Definition: One who loves cats... A condition that affects  people across the globe. "As long as there have been humans there have been cats to love them. They have been our protectors and our foes, touted as both Gods and demons throughout history. From Sylvester, Felix and Garfield, cats have been leaving their mark on our world (and our furniture) for years. They are our best friends and can … [Read More...]

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Poets of the Fall

Finnish rockers Poets of the Fall - singer Marko, guitarist Olli and keyboardist Captain - started out their musical adventure from scratch in 2003. Marko sold everything he had to invest in pursuing the love of his life, music, with his buddies Olli … [Read More...]

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