John Bridger – A Reluctant Hero

Veteran cop John Bridger enters into an uneasy alliance with the main character of Breaking Protocol – Forensic Scientist, Joe Flanagan. Bridger sees Flanagan as someone who’s made it up the ranks through academia and is yet to prove himself. That said, he secretly admires anyone who can wallow knee deep in gore and come out, maybe not with a smile, but with something positive for him to work with.

Bridger’s middle-aged, divorced, and has one child who he rarely sees. Experienced in narcotics, vice and homicide – he’s the kind of detective you want on your side. His brash nature doesn’t endear him to most he works with, but they’d rather be with him than against him. He heads a murder team who he’s loyal too and hopes the same from them – doesn’t always work out that way, unfortunately.

I see Bridger as a ‘Gene Hunt Life on Mars’ lookalike – maybe not quite as well-dressed. He even drives an old beat-up Ford Capri, his pride and joy. Not the one in the picture though, unfortunately for him. 😀

He’s hiding an emotional side – one that if uncovered would convince even his worst enemy to feel compassion.

John Bridger’s book will come – I have it formulating already in my head and I’m looking forward to delving into the mind of this reluctant hero.

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