Words that make me go ‘ooh and ahh’

Termagant (n)

  1. A quarrelsome, scolding woman; shrew.

“The termagant who had dragged him out on long, boring walks, who had tried in vain to censor his reading, who had labeled him an impious liar and criminal, was dead at last, and the boy, hearing a servant say ‘she has passed away’, sank to his knees on the kitchen floor to thank God for so great a deliverance.” Jonathon Keates, Standhal


Disambiguation (n)

  1. Clarification that follows from the removal of ambiguity.

Here’s a great quote about disambiguation: “Hell is other people.” Jean-Paul Sartre


Quixotic (adj.)

  1. Unrealistically optimistic or chivalrous. (Like me, most of the time :P)

Quixotic … Absurdly chivalric, like Don Quixote. An insight into the beauty and excellence of this incomparable adjective is unhappily denied to him who has the misfortune to know that the gentleman’s name is pronounced Ke-ho-tay. When ignorance from out of our lives can banish Philology, ‘tis folly to know Spanish.” Juan Smith


Ha! 🙂

Words that make me go ‘ooh and ahh’


Serendipity (n)

  1. The gift of making fortunate discoveries by accident.


“You know being relevant or coming up with something interesting, funny to say about what’s current, is just as hard as it might ever be depending on the serendipity of it all”. Lily Tomlin


Rambunctious (adj.)

  1. Boisterous and disorderly; unruly.



Word Of The Week

Sagacious (adj.)


1. Shrewd; showing keen mental discernment and good judgement. ‘A  sagacious remark’.


A profound thought:

“Every man, however wise, needs advice from some sagacious friend in the affairs of life.”  Titus Maccius Plautus


Words that make me go ‘ooh and ahh’


Extrapolate (vb)

  1. To infer something not known from the known facts, using logic and reason.
  2. Maths to estimate the value of a function or measurement beyond the known values, by the extension of a curve.


“Who knows the minds of men and how they reason and what their methodology is? But I am not going to extrapolate from the General Conference backing out on my book and make it a personal issue” Walter Martin


Evanescent (adj.)

  1. Formal quickly fading away; ephemeral or transitory. Evanescence (n)


“There is … a class of fancies, of exquisite delicacy, which are not thoughts, and to which, as yet, I have found it absolutely impossible to adapt language …. Now, so entire is my faith in the power of words that at times, I have believed it possible to embody even the evanescence of fancies such as I have attempted to describe” Edgar Allan Poe


Couldn’t have said it better myself 😀

Words that make me go ‘ooh and ahh’


Quintessential (adj.)

  1. Representative of a quality, state … perfect. (This is one of my favourites)

“In my generation, history was taught in terms of grand figures, men on whom the destiny of the nation hinged, quintessential heroes”. Barry Unsworth


Propinquity (n)

  1. Formal nearness in time, place, or relationship. (Got this from a poem … :))
“Loneliness is never more cruel than when it is felt in close propinquity with someone who has ceased to communicate”. Germaine Greer (steps back quietly)


Tautological (adj.)

  1. The use of words that merely repeats something already stated (someone said this about some of my stuff 🙁 – love the word though :))

“To create man was a quaint and original idea, but to add the sheep was tautology“. Mark Twain 


Quirky (adj.)

  1. A peculiarity of character; mannerism or foible.
  2. An unexpected twist or turn: a strange quirk of fate.

“Well, what I try to do is throw as much mud on the wall as I possibly can and just see what sticks, what shines as quirky or more interesting than the others, and I try to cling onto that one, somehow join a link from there to there”. Guy Ritchie

Words that make me go ‘ooh and ahh’


Existential  adj.

(1)   Of or relating to existence, especially human existence.


Love this:

“I have a very good life, so I have nothing to complain about. Sometimes, I just have existential angst.”  Meg Ryan


Exponential adj.

(1)   Maths of or involving numbers raised to an exponent.

(2)   Informal very rapid


Makes me think of star trek but get this …

“Technology has advanced more in the last thirty years than in the previous two thousand. The exponential increase in advancement will only continue. Anthropological Commentary the opposite of a trivial truth is false; the opposite of a great truth is also true.”  Neils Bohr

Okay then …


Words that make me go – ‘ooh and ahh’

There are certain words that conjure pleasurable sensations within me. It’s a curious fact but true. Such words I often try to include in my writing, it’s a laborious (like that) task and I very rarely manage it.

Today I woke with the idea of putting all my ‘ooh and ahh’ words together in one place …

First up:-

Tactile adj.

(1) Of or connected with the sense of touch. (2) Perceptible by touch or apparently so; a tangible: ‘A tactile keyboard’.


Tenacious adj.

(1) Not readily letting go of, giving up, or separated from an object that one holds, a position, or a principle. (2) Not easily dispelled or discouraged; persisting in existence or in a course of action.