Word Of The Week

Hubris (n)

Definition: Overbearing pride or presumption; arrogance.


‘Whenever I’ve had success, I never learn from it. Success usually breeds a degree of hubris. When you fail that’s when you learn.’ Moby

Word Of The Week

Perspicacity (n)

Definition: Acuteness of perception, discernment, or understanding.

Quote the Simpsons:

‘Relax? I can’t relax! Nor can I yield, relent, or – [groans] Only two synonyms? Oh my God, I’m losing my perspicacity!’

– Lisa Simpson



Word Of The Week



  1. One of the Roman Catholics in England who incurred legal and social penalties in the 16th century and afterward for refusing to attend services of the Church of England.
  2. A dissenter, non-conformist; any person who refuses to submit to authority.




Word of the Week




  1. To understand profoundly through intuition or empathy.
  2. To communicate sympathetically.


Came upon this word in a book I read on Authonomy Duplicity. If you’ve got nothing else to do this weekend, I recommend the story. It’s full of energy and verve, but be warned … as most books on Authonomy are works in progress it’s in need of editing. But it has great potential, and of course, it’s not complete. 🙂

Word Of The Week


Definition: Someone who derives intense satisfaction from pointing out the errors of others. According to The QI Elves on Twitter.

Ha! I know quite a few Doryphores …

Word Of The Week

Procrastinate (Vb)


  1. To put off doing something, especially out of habitual carelessness or laziness.
  2. To postpone or delay needlessly.

‘Procrastination is probably my worst habit out of many. Especially when it comes to paperwork.’ Tom Conti

My cat is even better at it than I am …

Bad writing day today. Funny how some days it just won’t come. Still, I have others things I can be doing … whether I’ll do them is another thing. 🙂


Word Of The Week


Characterised by abstinence; self-restraining.

Brought to you by my twitter friend, Zoe, aka @theatrewanderer … I don’t really think she’s a frog but one never knows, these days 😀

Word Of The Week


Definition: A needless repetition of words in speaking or writing.

With reference and thanks to The QI Elves I found this week’s word of the week on twitter!

Kind of conjures the idea of a battlefield of words fighting for supremacy … hmmm, a bit like scrabble.



Word Of The Week

Congruent (adj)

1. Agreeing; corresponding; congruous

2. (Mathematics) having identical shapes so that all parts correspond.

3. (Mathematics) of or concerning two integers related by a congruence

[from Latin congruere to meet together, agree]

congruently  adv 

Medusa by Arnold Böcklin

Medusa by Arnold Böcklin


“I really like your writing and I really like this premise. At the moment it doesn’t feel totally congruent but I figure it could be sorted pretty easily.” E J Stephens aka Medusa … 😀

Word Of The Week

Aplomb (n)

Definition: Self-confident assurance; poise.

'The Duet' by Luke Fildes (1843 - 1927

‘The Duet’ by Luke Fildes (1843 – 1927)

“As for the piano, the faster her fingers flew over it, the more he marvelled  She struck the keys with aplomb and ran from one end of the keyboard to the other without a stop.” Gustave Flaubert – ‘Madame Bovary’