What Goes Around

By Julie Corbin

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A good psychological thriller.

Ellen and Leila come together in a narrative that happens so often to couples these days. Not many women would go to the lengths that Ellen goes to though. We follow her on her chosen path, and meet Leila. Close-up Leila’s not a very likeable person, but there’s a history which draws on the reader’s sympathy (well it did mine). Suddenly I was worried that Ellen may have bitten off more than she could chew.

The end result is calamity, but it wouldn’t be a story if there wasn’t, right?

Some scenes were difficult to read re: animal cruelty, but necessary I think to give the reader an idea about Leila and why she did what she did. It’s never easy to write (or read) violence and aggression, but I think the author manages it well. The psychological and emotional torment is also well crafted.

There were parts I felt ran a bit too easy, especially toward the end of the book where Leila begins to come to terms with her ‘problems’ for want of a better word – she became a bit too ‘accepting and nice’.

Overall, a decent story and very well written.


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