Gone Girl

By Gillian Flynn

I had trouble putting this book down, if I’d been able I’d have read it without taking a break – no sleep, no food, nothing … I’m not a fast reader so the human in me said: Stop! Eat! Drink! Sleep!

The first half of this story I was totally sure of my reasoning, but then, I wasn’t. There was something too damning about Amy’s Diary. What I do know is, as I read, I became incredibly sad – a really deep heart-wrenching sadness. I know Amy would laugh at that – she’d look me in the eye and say: ‘Be real, be who you are’. And then I began to empathise with Nick – poor, bloody, beaten, Nick!

I became an invisible character, a fly on the wall, for roughly 48 hours.

This is an exceptional story, well written – in your face writing. I admire writers who can make me part of the story, bring me in, sit me down and say: Buckle up …

I have only one criticism – the abbreviation of microphone is: ‘Mic’ NOT ‘Mike’.

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