The NaNoWriMo Experience

December 3rd and I’m suffering a little from burnout – though I had promised to take December off and relax (ha!) which is probably just as well. I’m justifying my tardiness by researching for my new book that began life with NaNoWriMo – and I have flu <- this could be a symptom of word count overload, but that might be pushing it, even for me 😀

So, what did I learn from my NaNo experience? Quite a lot about myself:

  • I spend too much time thinking about getting up.
  • Then too much time drinking tea and musing over how much time I’m spending drinking tea.
  • Perusing online newspapers on Twitter (which is allowed and won’t stop) but takes up too much time and is now part of my tea break.

NaNo highlighted my daily routine and in essence helped me to adapt and become more efficient. So as from January – don’t forget, I’m taking December off 😉

  • Up earlier.
  • One cup of tea while perusing Twitter.
  • Start writing.
  • Ten minute tea break.
  • Aim for 2k words before lunch.

We’ll see …

The advice: ‘not to read back over what you’ve written and continue on regardless and edit later’ – is okay in theory, but having been used to reading back what I’d written the day before, to get myself back into the story, I found this advice difficult to adopt. I tried to comply by writing notes at the end of each day, but my handwriting is terrible and didn’t really work/help. In the end I allowed myself ten minutes to read over, which on the days pre-NaNo would take me a few hours (interspersed with visits to Twitter and other social media sites).

What NaNo did show me was, with discipline, how well I can apply myself when there’s a deadline. On average, I was managing 2k daily and with that in mind my deadline for the first draft of my new book will be the end of February.

We’ll see …

I do have to say, though, NaNo is certainly an experience and one I’ll be going through again next year – see you there? 😀

Apparently, Lincoln’s Christmas market starts today.


Happy Christmas, everybody.


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