A Grand Day Out

Recently spent a day in Lincoln. It was actually back in July and I’ve only just got around to sharing it. I don’t think it has anything to do with my forgetfulness, it’s more to do with time – middle of August already. I don’t remember thinking about the passage of time quite so much when I was younger.

My mate’s answer to growing old and witnessing time’s fly-by is to pronounce he’s ‘living in the now’ – well that’s one way of looking at it. Maybe that’s why Buddha never seemed to age, or did he?  Hmmm.

Lincoln Cathedral photographed from the Castle’s Medieval Wall Walk

Anyway, where was I? Lincoln. Had a good day. The sun kept us warm and it wasn’t until we sat down in the evening to watch Jools Holland, in the grounds of Lincoln Castle, that it decided to rain. Still, we had a great time despite the wet.

Lincoln Cathedral my favourite place to go and be. I never tire of its majesty, seeing it is always like the first time.

The Magna Carta is housed at the Castle (one of the four remaining originals, apparently). It’s an incredible feeling standing there, looking at something that was created ‘x’ amount of years ago. The thing that struck me most was the work that must have gone into producing it – all that writing and nothing out of place – phenomenal.

Looking toward the Castle’s turret. Photograph taken from the Medieval Wall Walk

The Medieval Wall Walk: A third of a mile walkway around the castle. It has spectacular views and those of the cathedral are particularly impressive.

One of twenty-five Lincoln Barons

And I can’t leave out the Barons of Lincoln they’ve created quite a stir in the city 🙂 why don’t YOU come and find out for yourself. Might see you there 😉


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