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Andy Murray – Wimbledon Champion 2013

So the tennis is over and it’s time to get down to some real work on my next novel. I started this particular story well over four years ago and left it floundering around the forty thousand word mark. Something I’ve tended to do ever since I decided to write a book. Ideas are not a problem but getting passed a certain threshold is. Having a beginning and an end is all well and good, it’s filling out the middle that’s the hard part.

If having your first novel hit the best seller lists isn't enough, there's always your attractive literary agent to fall back on.

I’ve written one ‘finished’ book. A romantic comedy In Too Deep (aka Hit The Ground Running) about a writer who falls in love, goes through some changes and manages to get the girl in the end. Not exactly a taxing story but it was FUN to do and it got rid of a lot of … pent up emotion. I came away from this novel with a nice glow. It might not be the next Nick Hornby but it’s finished and that, for me, is the real buzz.

Onto the next goal. Another finished book. I have two unfinished works: Relative Justice a crime novel and Finding Isabella a romantic thriller. As Relative Justice (aka Macintyre) is the oldest project I decided to go for that … It’s a complete re-write, same story idea but different plot. I think it works 🙂

I didn’t catch anything!

So, the next hurdle is drumming up the enthusiasm. How do I do that? I choose quiet. Turn off the internet, the mobile phone, put work on hold for a while and just do it. I’m lucky because I can stop work for a bit, but I’ve been in that situation where I couldn’t and it sucks, big time. But if you can get away from it all, it’s the best thing possible. Other’s might disagree, but it works for me.


Updated 15/09/2015:

Relative Justice (1) (website)

Relative Justice (Part One) is now ready to read!









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