The Glass Caves

Saw these guys playing on the streets of York, when I was there a week or so ago. I was very impressed by them. They have an EP out entitled Eboracum … An unusual title, which I felt needed a bit of research. I’m assuming it’s named after a fortress founded in AD 71 and part of ‘Roman York’. A quote from the York archaeology website explains its history:

“Founded as a fortress in AD 71, Eboracum housed first the 9th and later the 6th Legion. It soon had a civilian population and boasted fine public and military buildings. Eboracum became one of the most important cities of Roman Britain and, after 211, it was the capital of the province of Britannia Inferior (Lower Britain).”


Anyway, why not check the band out here and have a listen to their music … Enjoy 🙂



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