Garden Glory

I've been enjoying lots of new growth in the garden and the returning life in the pots dotted about. I like to go out early in the morning to take photos and soak up the silence.   I'm often accompanied on these little jaunts ... That's it. See you next time. … [Read More...]

Once Upon A Cliché

The humble cliché. Bane of the writer's life, or so we're led to believe. My book: In Too Deep has a fair amount sprayed inside its pages. Hell, even the title's a cliché! But seriously, I thought about it. My book is written from a first-person point of view and I don't think it would be authentic if there weren't clichés in there. If you actually listen to how we speak, we use them all the time. We're all living, breathing, walking, talking clichés. I admit I used to hate it if one … [Read More...]

Featured Book


By Adreea Daia I was privileged to read an earlier draft of this excellent Sci-fi thriller … [Read More...]

Recommended Reading

The Jodan Ju

Found this book on Authonomy, started reading and got swallowed up. Excellent research throughout, … [Read More...]

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Favourite Reads

'The Complaints' they're the cops who investigate other cops. Malcolm Fox works in the Complaints and Conduct dept, so he's not a popular man. He's just had a result, and should be feeling good about himself. But he's got problems of his own.

By Ian Rankin Taking a break from The Game of Thrones epic with an intelligently written crime novel by Ian Rankin. Diverting away from the Inspector Rebus novels - 'The Complaints' follows Malcolm Fox, Inspector within the Complaints and … [Read More...]

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Introduced to this excellent band on Twitter (it is good for everything!). I've just been listening to them here and I really like their sound. The next snippets of info are from their FB page  HellsBelles - the original British heavy metal … [Read More...]

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