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By Adreea Daia I was privileged to read an earlier draft of this excellent Sci-fi thriller and having re-read the current edition I'm happy to say it's even better. Nice characterisation throughout. Laton is a well drawn main character and very believable, which is why the story came alive and got this reader involved and left wanting more! A very intelligently written and entertaining read.   You can find the book here. Hook up with the author on Twitter and … [Read More...]

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By J C Michael This book was one hell of a ride, literally. Written with great authority and knowledge about the world of raves and drugs ... the author takes us on a journey into darkness where the only concern is getting high. In steps a man, no ordinary man, to take advantage of the situation. New Year's Eve is drawing close and he has a pill, no ordinary pill, and what better place to use it than at the new night club owned by Warren Charlton. Great characterisation and a fluid … [Read More...]

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What Inspires Us To Write?

Many writers, poets, artists, musicians ... talk about their 'muse'.  But what does that actually mean? At this point in time I'm not talking about the band, although, that might come later. The freeonlinedictionary defines 'muse' as: 1. Greek Mythology: Any of the nine daughters of Mnemosyne and Zeus, each of whom presided over a different art or science. 2. muse: a. A guiding spirit. b. A source of inspiration. 3. muse: A poet.   And wikipedia describes the … [Read More...]

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Back For More

Back For More is a hard rock band hailing from the Gold Coast who have just released their debut EP. The self titled EP is full of badass riffs and killer vocals, it delivers raw, edgy and distinctive Rock n Roll to its listeners. Heavily influenced … [Read More...]

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