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The Casual Vacancy

By J K Rowling I've never read any of the Harry Potter books, which probably sounds odd to those who've buried themselves in the series. If I hadn't stumbled across The Casual Vacancy in a charity shop I'd probably never have read that either. But JK Rowling is legend, right? I may not have read HP but I watched all the films and enjoyed them. And I'd heard a lot about this book, so, I bought it and started reading it and couldn't put it down. The Casual Vacancy is a wonderful study of … [Read More...]

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Blind Side

By Jennie Ensor I remember reading some of this on Authonomy and thinking how good it was … [Read More...]

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"I've been a scoundrel, a thief, a blackmailer and a whore, but never a murderer. Until now..."

The Scandal At Bletchley

By Jack Treby (Fiction, Thriller, Comedy, Crime) Amazon Description: The year is 1929. … [Read More...]

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There is only one sound for editing - arggghhhhh - followed by a zillion exclamation marks, but I won’t put those in ‘cos there won’t be room for anything else. Use your imagination. It’s what us writers do best, after all. I detest editing. Writing the story is the best part, nay, finishing it is the best part. Boredom can quickly set in, which is why I’m writing this and not using my day-off to edit. Procrastination: the writer's number one enemy. Or justification ... I’m going now … … [Read More...]

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Poets of the Fall

Poets of the Fall

Finnish rockers Poets of the Fall - singer Marko, guitarist Olli and keyboardist Captain - started out their musical adventure from scratch in 2003. Marko sold everything he had to invest in pursuing the love of his life, music, with his buddies Olli … [Read More...]

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