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Espedair Street

By Iain Banks This is my first book by Iain Banks (RIP), probably won't be my last - no, definitely won't be my last. I wasn't sure I was going to like it, as it's not my usual choice of read, being a huge crime fiction fan. Anyway, what made me pick this one up? Well, for a start I found it in a charity shop. I'd also heard a lot about the author and most of it was good so, I thought, why not. Plus the subject matter was interesting. Daniel Weir: a retired rock star at the age of … [Read More...]

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Crossing The Genre Line

At the moment I’m writing a book that explores two genres, crime, and horror. My protagonist is half-human, half-vampire. He  works as a forensic pathologist with the Metropolitan police. But this isn’t about the book, it’s about bias. I’ve noticed some interesting feedback from people who have read the first few chapters of the story (I won’t call it a book yet because it’s not finished). Here’s one such comment:   ‘Hmmm what an unusual mix of genre. It’s well written but I’m just … [Read More...]

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Back For More

Back For More is a hard rock band hailing from the Gold Coast who have just released their debut EP. The self titled EP is full of badass riffs and killer vocals, it delivers raw, edgy and distinctive Rock n Roll to its listeners. Heavily influenced … [Read More...]

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