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By J C Michael This book was one hell of a ride, literally. Written with great authority and knowledge about the world of raves and drugs ... the author takes us on a journey into darkness where the only concern is getting high. In steps a man, no ordinary man, to take advantage of the situation. New Year's Eve is drawing close and he has a pill, no ordinary pill, and what better place to use it than at the new night club owned by Warren Charlton. Great characterisation and a fluid … [Read More...]

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The Wonder Of Film

I never could get into Tolkein. I tried. I found his writing was unable to engage my imagination ... or maybe it was because everyone else around me loved  him. Who knows, eh? One thing I do know, I always have to be different! :D However, there's hope. I went to see The Hobbit on the big screen on NYE ... WOW! Blew my mind. I'm now absolutely convinced Peter Jackson is a God ... That's just my opinion, by the way :) … [Read More...]

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Just found this band on Twitter, gave them a listen and think they're bloody brilliant. Debut album 'Growing Old Disgracefully' was released back in May 2012 and is well worth a listen. 'Cry are a rock band that mix fun, punk, metal and … [Read More...]

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