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By J C Michael This book was one hell of a ride, literally. Written with great authority and knowledge about the world of raves and drugs ... the author takes us on a journey into darkness where the only concern is getting high. In steps a man, no ordinary man, to take advantage of the situation. New Year's Eve is drawing close and he has a pill, no ordinary pill, and what better place to use it than at the new night club owned by Warren Charlton. Great characterisation and a fluid … [Read More...]

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Words that make me go – ‘ooh and ahh’

There are certain words that conjure pleasurable sensations within me. It's a curious fact but true. Such words I often try to include in my writing, it's a laborious (like that) task and I very rarely manage it. Today I woke with the idea of putting all my 'ooh and ahh' words together in one place ... First up:- Tactile adj. (1) Of or connected with the sense of touch. (2) Perceptible by touch or apparently so; a tangible: ‘A tactile keyboard’.   Tenacious adj. (1) Not … [Read More...]

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Introduced to this excellent band on Twitter (it is good for everything!). I've just been listening to them here and I really like their sound. The next snippets of info are from their FB page  HellsBelles - the original British heavy metal … [Read More...]

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