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By Iain Banks I think I'd like to live in Stonemouth. In Scotland, on the coast - I imagine it all craggy and rocky, heather everywhere. There's something about living near the sea, the reason of which is as illusive as the ocean itself. Anyway, Stonemouth is a 'coming home' story. Stewart Gilmour, returning home to attend a funeral. He'd been run out of town five years previously for doing something, well, pretty stupid. Banks has a way of writing that creeps up on you and before you … [Read More...]

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Learnt A New Word

I learnt a new word today whilst planting some catnip seeds ... Ailurophilia ... Definition: One who loves cats... A condition that affects  people across the globe. "As long as there have been humans there have been cats to love them. They have been our protectors and our foes, touted as both Gods and demons throughout history. From Sylvester, Felix and Garfield, cats have been leaving their mark on our world (and our furniture) for years. They are our best friends and can … [Read More...]

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Just found this band on Twitter, gave them a listen and think they're bloody brilliant. Debut album 'Growing Old Disgracefully' was released back in May 2012 and is well worth a listen. 'Cry are a rock band that mix fun, punk, metal and … [Read More...]

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