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Gone Girl

By Gillian Flynn I had trouble putting this book down, if I’d been able I’d have read it without taking a break – no sleep, no food, nothing … I’m not a fast reader so the human in me said: Stop! Eat! Drink! Sleep! The first half of this story I was totally sure of my reasoning, but then, I wasn’t. There was something too damning about Amy’s Diary. What I do know is, as I read, I became incredibly sad – a really deep heart-wrenching sadness. I know Amy would laugh at that – she’d look me … [Read More...]

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My Very Own Black Beauty

Out the back of where I live there are open fields. In the last two or three years there's been a black horse enjoying the seasons as they come and go. In the winter he (I know he's a 'he' for obvious reasons) parades up and down in a green coat, looking mighty handsome. He reminds me of Black Beauty - though his head is adorned with a vertical white blaze rather than the star so often depicted in pictures of the fictional horse. This guy has become a constant in my morning routine. I get up … [Read More...]

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Introduced to this excellent band on Twitter (it is good for everything!). I've just been listening to them here and I really like their sound. The next snippets of info are from their FB page  HellsBelles - the original British heavy metal … [Read More...]

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Lord Huron – Fool For Love