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By Iain Banks I think I'd like to live in Stonemouth. In Scotland, on the coast - I imagine it all craggy and rocky, heather everywhere. There's something about living near the sea, the reason of which is as illusive as the ocean itself. Anyway, Stonemouth is a 'coming home' story. Stewart Gilmour, returning home to attend a funeral. He'd been run out of town five years previously for doing something, well, pretty stupid. Banks has a way of writing that creeps up on you and before you … [Read More...]

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Fed-Up? Who me?

I got fed-up with my work in progress, and banished it to my virtual slush-pile. The fact is, if I got fed-up with it then it must surely follow that the reader will too. The realisation is hard to swallow. But there's no point in lying to myself or pursuing something that doesn't excite me. So another half-written story finds its way to the depths of my computer, and leaves me with the thoughts where to now and am I really cut out to be a writer? But it doesn't matter how much I fill my life … [Read More...]

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The Glass Caves

Saw these guys playing on the streets of York, when I was there a week or so ago. I was very impressed by them. They have an EP out entitled Eboracum ... An unusual title, which I felt needed a bit of research. I'm assuming it's named after a … [Read More...]

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