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What Goes Around

By Julie Corbin A good psychological thriller. Ellen and Leila come together in a narrative that happens so often to couples these days. Not many women would go to the lengths that Ellen goes to though. We follow her on her chosen path, and meet Leila. Close-up Leila's not a very likeable person, but there's a history which draws on the reader's sympathy (well it did mine). Suddenly I was worried that Ellen may have bitten off more than she could chew. The end result is … [Read More...]

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Just spent a fantastic few days in Manchester. What an incredible place. I've never been before, passed through, but never actually got out of the car and dirtied my feet. I didn't even know it had a cathedral ... der! We even managed to go at the right time - Christmas market - excellent offerings of Christmas fare from all over Europe. But the Mancunian mince pies were the best and to finish, who could resist hot chocolate with Baileys .... Yum! We were also treated to a spectacular … [Read More...]

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The Glass Caves

Saw these guys playing on the streets of York, when I was there a week or so ago. I was very impressed by them. They have an EP out entitled Eboracum ... An unusual title, which I felt needed a bit of research. I'm assuming it's named after a … [Read More...]

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