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Gone Girl

By Gillian Flynn I had trouble putting this book down, if I’d been able I’d have read it without taking a break – no sleep, no food, nothing … I’m not a fast reader so the human in me said: Stop! Eat! Drink! Sleep! The first half of this story I was totally sure of my reasoning, but then, I wasn’t. There was something too damning about Amy’s Diary. What I do know is, as I read, I became incredibly sad – a really deep heart-wrenching sadness. I know Amy would laugh at that – she’d look me … [Read More...]

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Phalacrocorax carbo

Ha, that got your attention. Common name: Cormorant. I see them most mornings when I look out my window, together with the Swallows and House Martins. When searching for a picture I was surprised at how many types of Cormorant there were and my ignorant self had to look up the breed native to UK shores. They're pretty exciting birds to watch in flight, especially when they dive into water for their dinner :) add that to the mix of Swallows and House Martins and you have an aerial display … [Read More...]

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Introduced to this excellent band on Twitter (it is good for everything!). I've just been listening to them here and I really like their sound. The next snippets of info are from their FB page  HellsBelles - the original British heavy metal … [Read More...]

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Lord Huron – Fool For Love